Pastoral Passivism is Not Reality


What people want or demand of you, life and nature may not be what reality, God or your convictions demand of you. I had an aunt, who has since passed away, who wanted me to draw nothing but pastoral views of birds and flowers. My mother likes me to draw birds and flowers as well, but pastoral passivity is not reality. A male Chickadee may look cute and passive, but watch two of them go after each other over a female or an insect.

I Made Some Internet Corrections

Everything I post is through Microsoft Edge. I don’t like to explain my art outside of a general title. The reason is, I want you to think about and/or look it up for yourselves. I can lecture till I’m blue in the face and bore you to death with my knowledge. I come off as very arrogant.

Überleutnant die Margraf Märkisch-Oderland Zechin

This is a photo-shop job, but it is what I actually look like. It is doctored to make me look like an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. In reality I was enlisted in the US Navy. My interests cover all the Fines Arts, History and Transportation. I like to play around with all of them.

I’ve noted a lot of comments have been blocked. I’m going to check this more often and try to moderate it better. I do not spend a lot of time on the internet.


Why 19th Century Style Neo-classic, Romantic and Landscape Art?

Maybe you have wondered why I like 19th Century Style Neo-classic, Romantic and Landscape Art. There are three reasons: Being Czech-American, a certain picture I found fascinating and something someone once said to me.

As a kid, I spent a lot of time snooping in Grandma and Grandpa Budka’s attic. They had all sorts of fun stuff up there including books and postcards. Many of those postcards were from Europe and many of them were in Czech. If you are Czech-American or even Slavic, you usually belonged to SOKOL or Falcon. It was and is a health organization bent on well-being, brotherhood (mainly Pan-Slavic in nature) and self-preservation, self defense and national identity. Dad is still a member of South Omaha Sokol (now merged with Omaha Sokol) and ZCBJ lodge Narodni Sin (National Hall . . . no jokes about the Czech word “sin” please). I used to be a member of Crete Sokol as Dad was a asst. instructor there. There is a semi-religious affiliation with it as regards to Slavic identity that is interdenominational. You could be Catholic, Hussite or Orthodox and be “brothers” in SOKOL.

In 1971 my parents bought David and I a Compton Encyclopedia set. In one volume was a print of an etching of Hero and Leander by the German artist Bodenhausen. What guy wouldn’t like to have his best girl grieve over his dead body? If you know the Greek tragedy of Hero and Leander (Hero is the girl by the way), you might understand. I am oddly romantic.

Between fifth and sixth grade my Mom sent me to art class at the Easter Day Center near Northeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. The instructor was a young college guy and he said to me “The human body is God’s greatest work of Creation, of Art.” I have never forgotten that, hence my fascination. If you study the Bible and Greco-Roman tragedy and religion, they are all about human nature. What is interesting is that Christianity largely refutes the Greco-Roman tradition of worshiping human nature. The Greeks and Romans elevated human attitudes and traits to the level of diety. Outside of Roman Catholic tradition, the original intent of Judeo-Christian doctrine was to tear down that misplaced worship.

Now you know why I like this kind of art.

Sorry I Don’t Post More

I apologize I don’t post more, but it is a blog about my art. I am working on a 3×2 foot drawing of Mt. Bierstadt in Colorado. A Navy friend and I are going to hike to the summit of Bierstadt in August. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and damaged my lower spine in 1996. I see a lot of doctors, this is going to be a landmark accomplishment for me.

I spend a lot of time working out, cleaning my apartment and cooking. I do occasional labor (and I do mean labor), because I have to get any unnecessary body fat off of me. I’m 54 years old and I was never an athlete. Life is hard, you can always afford to learn something new and do something you’ve never done before, even if its nigh unto impossible. There are very few easy or instant answers . . . living takes time.

I try to avoid politics and I only post to my twin brother in Omaha on Facebook. I don’t believe half of what is presented as news and I’m not going to argue about it. You have a choice, you can try to get along with people or hate them. The former is the correct attitude as difficult as people are.

Sorry, it can take me a long time to produce even a 12 x 8 inch drawing. I am a detail-oriented, analytical mind and it reflects in my art. Maybe someday I’ll try to go back to oil-painting. Self-taught oil painting doesn’t work very well, especially when one was on a Navy ship.

Love takes time, Life is an adventure, Live it!

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Just Who Do You Think You Are

My art does have a moral aspect to it and is meant to teach myself and others to look at themselves and consider how one might change or improve social interaction.

His Most Royal and Imperial Majesty Marek der Grosse of Budkaria and Laurasia. The Great & Obnoxious Budkapest.

This is not about passivity or an excuse for it. The picture poses a question of “Am I being arrogant and aggressive?” I ask myself “Just who is sitting on your throne? A tyrant or Christ who lives within me?” How often its usually the former, not the latter.



If you wonder where the Budkaria and Laurasia titles come from, Budkaria is the Austro-Hungarian Empire where my Father’s family came from:


Even though I am racially Teutonic and Celtic, I have a Slavic surname and in my case it is Czech. The capital city of Budkaria is a play on my last name, Budapest and Pula. Its technically Pula.

I am related on my mother’s side to Joseph Leidy, a famous U.S. paleontologist. My Great great Grandfather, Congressman Paul Leidy (Democrat Pennsylvania) was Joseph’s cousin. Being that the Leidy Family is German and if you know the Wegener Theory of Plate Tectonics and its relationship to paleontology, then you understand that Laurasia is North America, Europa and Asia. I came up with this idea when I was in high school. I also had a girlfriend named Laura.



Why do I draw naked people? I love anatomy. Getting poked and seeing blood makes me cringe, but my mother was a nurse. The human body is work of art.



Cowboy Mark Out On The Plains

Cowboy Mark out on the High Plains

Based on joke I heard a lot in the Navy. Just because you’re from Nebraska does not make you a cowboy. My family history does include Poultry, Dairy, Hay and Meatpacking, but I’m not a cowboy.

A study working on landscape, animal and human anatomy as well as physical interaction.