Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Just Who Do You Think You Are

My art does have a moral aspect to it and is meant to teach myself and others to look at themselves and consider how one might change or improve social interaction.

His Most Royal and Imperial Majesty Marek der Grosse of Budkaria and Laurasia. The Great & Obnoxious Budkapest.

This is not about passivity or an excuse for it. The picture poses a question of “Am I being arrogant and aggressive?” I ask myself “Just who is sitting on your throne? A tyrant or Christ who lives within me?” How often its usually the former, not the latter.



If you wonder where the Budkaria and Laurasia titles come from, Budkaria is the Austro-Hungarian Empire where my Father’s family came from:


Even though I am racially Teutonic and Celtic, I have a Slavic surname and in my case it is Czech. The capital city of Budkaria is a play on my last name, Budapest and Pula. Its technically Pula.

I am related on my mother’s side to Joseph Leidy, a famous U.S. paleontologist. My Great great Grandfather, Congressman Paul Leidy (Democrat Pennsylvania) was Joseph’s cousin. Being that the Leidy Family is German and if you know the Wegener Theory of Plate Tectonics and its relationship to paleontology, then you understand that Laurasia is North America, Europa and Asia. I came up with this idea when I was in high school. I also had a girlfriend named Laura.



Why do I draw naked people? I love anatomy. Getting poked and seeing blood makes me cringe, but my mother was a nurse. The human body is work of art.




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