Pastoral Passivism is Not Reality


What people want or demand of you, life and nature may not be what reality, God or your convictions demand of you. I had an aunt, who has since passed away, who wanted me to draw nothing but pastoral views of birds and flowers. My mother likes me to draw birds and flowers as well, but pastoral passivity is not reality. A male Chickadee may look cute and passive, but watch two of them go after each other over a female or an insect.

I Made Some Internet Corrections

Everything I post is through Microsoft Edge. I don’t like to explain my art outside of a general title. The reason is, I want you to think about and/or look it up for yourselves. I can lecture till I’m blue in the face and bore you to death with my knowledge. I come off as very arrogant.

Überleutnant die Margraf Märkisch-Oderland Zechin

This is a photo-shop job, but it is what I actually look like. It is doctored to make me look like an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. In reality I was enlisted in the US Navy. My interests cover all the Fines Arts, History and Transportation. I like to play around with all of them.

I’ve noted a lot of comments have been blocked. I’m going to check this more often and try to moderate it better. I do not spend a lot of time on the internet.