Captain Navy


I have an Army Vet friend who loves comic books. I finally gave in to his demands I draw him a superhero. Here is my drawing: CAPTAIN NAVY!

I’m drawing my own superhero for Dan Hogan. Its not a new idea with me, I’m just not into superheroes. It’s CAPTAIN NAVY! He has to be enlisted so the brass can hate his guts.

Let’s face it, socially inept Navy nuke P.O. Budka is contaminated with radiation while doing something stupid on a ship that sinks itself (a submarine) . . . the penultimate screw up sailor become unlikely hero. Right down to the old-style Halo military glasses. Yeah, make fun of yourself and you’ll never run out of material. I was a nuke in the U.S. Navy.


Late in 1942, a side experiment to the Manhattan Project was being developed by the Navy. A nuclear propulsion system was built and installed in a submarine. The Navy needed a patsy sailor to test the system. They ended up with MM3 BUDKA. The brass figured if anything went wrong they could sink the sub or shoot P.O. BUDKA. Something went horribly wrong all right . . .

The engines on the sub were running smoothly, the small reactor seemed to be working just fine. As P.O. Budka went about checking various gauges, he noticed a temperature rise. Not only was the gauge rising, but he could feel the heat becoming slowly intense. Budka yelled at P.O. Regan to check the reactor. The other man noted the reactor casing was beginning glow a hot orange red.

“Its overheating Budka.”

“Tell Orston to ask permission to shut it down.”

The message relayed, as Orston spoke with the brass topside, all of sudden the steam pressure and temperature went through the roof! The usually diesel powered generator and engine began to run away!

“Regan, get the hell out! Get you and Orston out!”

Budka ran for the hatch as Regan disappeared forward. Coming abreast of the reactor casing and in passing, the heat was so intense, Budka wasn’t sure he could make it. The diesel engine aft began to come apart in a horrific manner, parts like shrapnel were flying all about, striking the bulkheads and the inner hull. At the moment Mark reached the hatch and grabbed at it to make sure he could shut it behind him a most terrible blast of heat went through the compartment . . . The hapless sailor was forced into the next compartment as the hatch slammed shut behind from the force of the explosion. A second later, the entire hull surrounding the engine compartment burst open. Officers and enlisted men on the foredeck and pier were thrown violently to the deck or into the water! The aged sub sank to the bottom of the Elizabeth River. Everyone was sure Budka was dead.


Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery or . . .


Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery or Vulcan Revealing Mars and Venus. Christianity does not agree or borrow from the Ancient Greco-Roman religions, but refutes it. It does not glorify or worship human nature, but shows the consequences of it. As my friend Channing would say: “They are neither gods nor glorious. They are merely works of beautiful Art.”